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    Colton, another tiny, but a robust city in San Bernardino County, California, is part of the Inland Empire of the Los Angeles region. Its metro area includes San Bernardino County and Riverside County. This city has a land area of just 40 square kilometers (15.3 square miles) with about 52,154 residents, according to a 2010 census.

    Colton’s economy was once dominated by orange farming. The industry is still reflected in the packing sheds, grand old homes, and the local buildings in the city. These are fast being replaced by commercial centers, residential developments, industrial parks, and resort communities, such as Palm Desert and Palm Springs.

    What makes living in Colton an inviting prospect is the Southern California advantages – sunny weather, beaches and the mountains. These days, the housing market in the city remains stable and the cost of living relatively low. These factors are fueling the construction industry in this South Californian city. If you find yourself gravitating to this city and would consider building a second home or business here, make a smart decision by contracting a Colton underground utility locator.

    With the booming housing and commercial development in the city, working with a Colton underground utility locator from one of the private utility locating services in the area would be your surest way to avoid future problems. Having an underground locator to assist your builders will make sure your excavations would safely avoid critical underground problems. If you want to be certain, there is only one thing to do – call Util-Locate.

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