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    Util-Locate uses cutting edge electromagnetic line-locating technology to assist in cable locating for pre-excavation work, site planning and assisting homeowners with digging safely on their property. Cable location prior to starting a project is extremely important as it helps avoid potential dangers of digging into the lines as well as costly repairs and wasted and unproductive down time. We serve a long list of clients including engineers, architects, surveyors, school districts, contractors, government agencies, private facility owners and residential property owners. The demand for portable energy, communication and sewer services has increased the quantity of underground lines, which also increases the demand for cable locating services.

    Historically, location of such lines could be done by using utility records; however, as more lines are added, this information is often incorrect, out of date and limited to just a line on a map. Also, utility companies will only provide information for lines that they own. Util-Locate’s cable location technology can provide a three-dimensional plan showing all buried utilities that is non-destructive and accurate. Read more about private locate services.

    Hiring a Cable Locator When Accuracy is Critical

    Util-Locate can identify power, cable, communication, gas, water or sewer lines that may be underground before digging or excavation has begun. We use some of the most advanced equipment and techniques in searching for underground lines. The electromagnetic cable locator equipment allows technicians to adjust to line and cable conditions, as well as unexpected soil conditions. It also provides up to 97% accuracy and depth readings up to 13 feet. Our experienced technicians use their knowledge and expertise to identify all lines being mapped to ensure your project is safe and successful. Hiring a company such as Util-Locate to provide cable locator services is essential for any project where accuracy is critical.

    If you would like more information about our services and pricing in Southern California, call us Toll Free at 1-866-421-5325 and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


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