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    Sewers & Drains will deteriorate over the years and this will lead to problems ranging from ground movement, to misaligned drains and cracking.

    One of the ways to effectively identify the cause of problems with drains and sewers is to carry out a visual inspection. Using the latest CCTV equipment available, Util-Locate is able to efficiently carry out pipeline inspections and identify sewer and drain defects for all of Southern California residents, general contractors, surveyors, architects, engineering consultants and industrial based organizations.

    Our CCTV technicians will use instant imaging to generate a detailed report of the defective areas of the pipe to help you determine what needs to be done to solve the problem.


    Util-Locate can also carry out surveys on new builds, asset surveys and all other types of surveys. Reports can be sent to the client with the accompanying footage ensuring you get total peace of mind that what you thought was being done was actually being carried out.

    How Util-Locate can help you with sewer and pipe camera inspection:

    • Look see CCTV survey
    • Condition CCTV survey
    • Drain and sewer mapping
    • Lateral inspection
    • Validation surveys
    • Drain View rapid inspection
    • Condition monitoring


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