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    Hydro-Jetting is an investigative method that is performed by expelling extremely high-pressure water into a drain or pipe to flush out any blockages or obstructions through a nozzle. As part of our investigation process in pre-construction & design phase, it is crucial to not only trace out the drain’s path of direction, but also to be able to show the drain’s existing condition for further assessment. Drains and sewer pipes that are used for domestic, commercial and light industrial use are typically 4-6 inch, some can reach up to 8 inches or larger. This is a non-invasive and sanitary approach to clearing a drainage system and for further inspection of pipe condition. This is a safe method that does not cause damage to pipes and drains where pipe condition issues are non-existent. Already corroded and damaged pipes have a greater possibility of heightening the situation through jetting. Our team will conduct a thorough investigation to effectively investigate the drainage issue. The initial procedure can include a CCTV inspection to locate the blockage and situation at hand.

    Blockages may occur at any point/ location along the length of the pipes for multiple reasons. For example, toilet paper can expand in water, as well as hygienic products, obstructions from a tree, who’s roots have grown into the sewer or drain pipe, to name a few.

    Common Causes of Drain Obstructions May Include:
    • Hair
    • Grease/ fat build up
    • Unnecessary waste in pipes
    • Excessive baby wipes/ hygienic products
    • In some instances, tree root intrusion
    • Buildup in pipes causing slow water flow
    • Unknown debris

    Clearing out the pipes can pose a challenge if the right methods and equipment are not utilized. Some methods include; spinning nozzles, root cutting tools that have saw blades, and even water jetting.

    Utilizing a water jet with up to 4000 psi may clear some blockages, it is the precision of the nozzles and their ability to move forward and reverse simultaneously to break up the blockage. Once the debri is broken down it can be flushed away. Once the pipe is clear, it is then cleaned with the power of the water jetting machine utilizing different nozzles. Our drain inspection cameras are able to then review / and capture the internal view of the now unblocked pipe. A thorough investigation is required to confirm that there are no further obstructions that will lead to future blockages in the designated area.

    Util-Locate Hydro-Jetting services include all the required equipment necessary for draining, cleaning and removal of blockages that allow for further camera Inspection of pipe condition, we also offer camera inspection to provide clear evidence of a clean and clear pipe. Our team works safely and efficiently to get the job done. We provide professional hydro-jetting services that include a unique and detailed approach when it entails the treatment of blockages. The goal is to effectively clear these blockages due to the high pressure water expelled through the pipe & for further inspection.

    Benefits of Hydro-jetting services include:
    • Unblocking of obstructions & debris
    • Cleaning of drainage system
    • Cleaning of drainage system
    • Infrastructure investigation purposes
    • Successful Drain Mapping for Design
    • CCTV Pipe Inspection

    In addition, water has the ability to form the shape of bends/turns in pipes thus enabling the nozzle to expel high pressure into areas that are not linear. As this occurs the nozzle is able to self propels through the pipe from the pressure exerted being able to clear many types of drains (shapes & sizes) .

    Maintaining clean and clear drain systems is also important because it will help prevent the replacement of pipes, and promote sustainability.

    Our multi service company specializes in working with subsurface investigation which includes locating, verifying, CCTV Pipe Condition Inspection and cleaning of drains, pipes, utilities.

    Cost of each project will vary due to the unique situation presented and each case can vary in size, location and blockage type. Reach out to our professional team members today for a quote.