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    San Diego is America’s 8th largest city and the second largest city in California, and in fact, it was the birthplace of California. Located on the Pacific Coast adjacent the Mexican border, this major city is home to nearly 1.4 million people. Wild mild year round weather and plenty of wonderful beaches, San Diego has become an incredibly popular tourist destination. In addition to tourism, military and defense related industries; manufacturing, and trade are also major economic engines.

    San Diego Underground Utilities

    Being such a major city and one with such a large population also means that construction work is never ending. Like many modern first world cities, many utilizes are laid underground and as is to be expected, this can be risky for anyone involved in construction.

    Whether you are planning a new housing development; planning a home extension project, or simply wanting to install automatic sprinklers in your garden, there is a very strong possibility that you might encounter underground utilities. For this reason it is highly recommended that you hire a professional San Diego utility locator before any construction work begins. See more about water line locator service.

    Business owners and homeowners alike need to bear in mind that they will be held responsible if they cause damage to any utilities located in the ground. When these utilities are damaged as a result of construction, it almost always results in extremely costly repairs, and depending on the nature of the damage, those responsible may get drawn in long and costly legal disputes. Know more about vacuum potholing equipment.

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