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    Ontario is located in southwestern part of San Bernadino County, CA. It was given the name by three Canadian brothers that began the settlement in 1882. The brothers named it after their home province. Ontario is home to the LA/Ontario International Cargo Airport and is the 15th busiest in the nation. The median age in the city is around 30 and the median household income is around $50,000. Only around 15% of the population of Ontario is over the age of 55.

    There is a major construction project being discussed for the city of Ontario. This project will include at least 7 industrial buildings, help with flooding on some of the streets, bring at least 5000 more jobs to the area, and bring in millions of dollars to the city for the future.

    This will be a major project for the city of Ontario. Because of its location, Ontario will need the services of an underground utility locator. There are going to be many utilities to find and avoid. Without the use of a utility locating service, lives could be at risk as well as the cities utilities. Contacting private utility locating services could save money, time and keep you and your family safe.

    In addition should the development of this area take place, it could bring more jobs, residents, and above all, more development of the city.

    Anyone wishing to build a new home, add on to an existing home, or build an office building will need of an experienced company that serves the people in the Ontario, California area. Before you excavate, call an Ontario underground utility locator. No one wants to be at risk for a disastrous situation. Damage prevention is important. From residential to major companies and contractors, it is important for utility locating services to use top of the line GPR scanning technology and offer superb customer service and interaction.

    Power lines aren’t the only thing to worry about. Without proper utility location of your proposed construction area, you run the risk of hitting any number of underground utilities. These private utilities are water lines, sewer and drain lines, natural gas lines, or telecommunication lines. Contacting private utility locating services could save money, time and keep you and your family safe. See more private locator services.

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