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    It was in the year 1882 that Murrieta, a part of the southwestern Riverside County was discovered. Today it is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire state where most of its residents are known commuters travelling to places like San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County for work.

    Murrieta’s current status is part of the construction of the railway depot connecting Murrieta to the transcontinental route of Southern California Railroad. After starting a campaign for city status in 1990, the area was established as the City of Murrieta in 1991. It now has a population of more than 100,000 and is US’s second safest city.

    A fast growing city, there are many construction companies here offering a wide range of construction and repair services for both residential and commercial patrons. So anyone thinking of building a new home or a commercial establishment can easily find someone to help them here.

    The construction workers here work hand in hand and hiring a qualified Murrieta underground utility locator is a requirement to many building and remodeling works. This contractor for private utility locating services has to be consulted before any mapping, drilling, trenching or excavating is done on the proposed plot. It is also required before remodeling and renovation work like installing of swimming pools and the construction of a new driveway.

    The underground utility locating helps locate all the utilities laid underground like telephone cables, electrical wires and even drainage systems. Though you have to pay for private utility locating services, the expense is worth it. They help prevent any possible injury and repair expenses incurred if there is accidental damage of the utilities. Know more about utility scanning.

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