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    Escondido has changed from a primarily agricultural area to a charming, energetic city with over 30 neighborhoods. The weather is resident-friendly nearly every day of the year. Summer highs rarely exceed 90 degrees, while winter lows seldom dip below 42 degrees. New construction and renovation of older buildings and structures require the services of a professional Escondido utility locator to keep projects and surrounding areas safe.

    Like many other areas of San Diego County, Escondido has underground utilities. Businesses like construction companies and general contractors as well as residents are required to find out the location of underground gas lines and electrical and telephone cables prior to any digging. That task is made much easier with the services of Util-Locate. Their ability to professionally locate and map out the locations of Escondido underground utility locating during their years in business has demonstrated their professional expertise. See more electrical locator.

    Know What is Below the Ground Before You Dig

    The Vista Verde Reservoir Replacement Project – Phase II is a current large construction project in the city. Bids recently closed for this phase. Demolition of the existing reservoir is part of the job. New landscaping and site improvements are required. Interconnecting piping, electrical, grading, and paving are planned for this phase. An San Diego County utility locator is able to identify underground utility hazards for the myriad of companies involved in this enormous task. Contact Util-Locate today regarding their services at 1-866-421-5325.

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