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    Known as “The Big Box”, El Cajon is the fifth largest city in San Diego and one of the region’s premiere locations. It is situated in a valley bounded by mountains with climate often described as “arid Mediterranean” or “semi-arid Steppe”.

    El Cajon is characterized as an agrarian middle class city with politically conservative community. Its agricultural market incorporated thousands of acres of citrus fruits being shipped all over the United States. As an agricultural area, most residents are dreaming of ownership of one’s farm and home.

    The city has bigger housing density compared to the average of California and United States. With safe and beautiful residential neighborhood, it is considered as a paradigm of outstanding municipal service.

    The dynamic business environment in the city is very evident. In fact, El Cajon is the home to many corporations such as Taylor Guitars, Solid Gold and Parkway Plaza. The city is also accessible to small investors and entrepreneurs. Thus, the growth in construction and building projects is expected to continue.

    Utility Location and Construction

    Trenching in new utilities in El Cajon is not something which can be done overnight. Lots of planning and work has to be done before any work starts. One of the most important things to do is avoid damaging all the existing underground utilities which you have to trench across.

    You can avoid these underground utilities only if you know where exactly they are located underground. This is where El Cajon underground utility locating comes in force. These professionals use the help of specific equipment and radars to locate all the traceable utilities in the area to be trenched.

    With the help of these equipment, and based on the information gathered by the private utility locator, it’s possible to find the least congested path and avoid all existing utilities while trenching. Moreover, these private utility locators help you decide which utilities seem to be conflicting your proposed trench, and have to be re-routed.

    With so many utilities laid underground like telephone lines, fiber optics, natural gas pipes, street light wiring, cable television cables and sanitary sewer system, any accidental damage to these utilities can lead to extensive inconvenience and additional expenses repairing the damage.

    Besides inconvenience, there is a chance of accidents occurring when any of these lines are accidently damaged. There may be a chance of an electrocution, water ejecting in such a force to cause damage

    and even personal injuries and in some cases, even death. This is why you need to consult and enlist the help of an underground utility locating in El Cajon before starting any trenching work.

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