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    Chino is a small (29.7 square miles or 77 square kilometers), but vibrant city in San Bernardino County, CA. This city nestled in the heart of the Los Angeles region is home to about 80,988 people (City-Data, 2013). Chino’s motto, which is “Where Everything Grows,” is a testimony of its rich agricultural history. It has always been a center of dairy production, as well as row-crop and orchard agriculture. As a prime center of dairy farming, it caters to the dairy needs of Southern California.

    The economic growth of the city in the other areas spurted in the 70s as more businesses came in, enticing the influx of new residents and the development of a comprehensive commercial environment. The recent economic upturn is springing back the construction industry, drawing major construction projects and transforming Chino into a suburban mecca.

    At this time when construction is booming, it is important that you consider the total safety of your home or business. Before making any excavation, consult a Chino underground utility locator to ensure you would not hit anything that will compromise your investment’s safety, such as a gas main and other underground utility. With the booming construction in the city, there are several private utility locating services that you can contract to help you plan your excavation and construction.

    Don’t just expect your contractor to decide on the matter; work with them and make sure that they make and execute their construction plans with one of the private utility locating services in Chino. One reliable Chino underground utility locator you can trust is Util-Locate. For your personal safety and security of your investments, a Chino underground utility locator, such as Util-Locate, can be your ally.

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