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    Riverside County, California, is the tenth-largest county in the country, with a population of 1.3 million. This area, which encompasses over 7,300 square miles, is home to approximately 2.4 million people.

    How does the county maintain its viability? Employees of the government, volunteers, residents, board members, and members of multiple institutions, commissions, and boards must all offer their abilities and tenacity. Each of these individuals is responsible for our safety, privacy, comfort, and well-being. If you work in Riverside, Utility Potholing is a requirement, which we can assist with.

    Utility Potholing & Vacuum Excavation In Riverside

    Due to site evolution and, more frequently, the density of existing subsurface systems, the earth has become extremely congested. As a result, in many places, excavating utilities using traditional site inspection processes has become nearly impossible. In the majority of cases, either the excavator causes pothole damage, endangering operators and, in some cases, the public, or manual excavation is necessary, which comes at a high cost due to the excavators being pre-paid.

    , Riverside Utility Potholing & Vacuum Excavation

    Is Utility Strike Worth It?

    Concerning utility suppliers, there are supply disruptions, revenue losses, negative publicity, and dissatisfied customers. There are severe financial penalties for a service contractor, as well as missed deadlines and the danger of destroying a customer relationship. Above all, utility strikes put operators and members of the general public in danger of injury. Regrettably, potholing utilities can be lethal in certain circumstances.

    Understanding Utility Potholing

    If you live in Riverside, utility potholing means a lot. It is a relatively new technology that involves the extraction of soils or other particles using a high vacuum suction system during site surveys, utility validation, construction projects, or other civil engineering work. Rather than using heavy machinery or hand-held equipment to loosen soils, this less invasive digging technique is used. After the soil is removed, it is vacuumed from the bottom and disposed of in an onboard spoil/debris tank.

    Vacuum Excavating Technology

    Util-Locate has increased its reliance on vacuum excavation technology in response to increased client demand for this safe excavation potholing service. Our utility potholing technique enables us to continue serving our customers' demands while expanding into the broader Utilities Infrastructure sector.

    Is Util-Locate The Best Option For You?

    • Among its current customers and industry peers, Util-Locate is regarded as one of the "leading" utility locating firms in California. Known as the "masters of our craft," we are the industry leaders when it comes to Subsurface Investigations and Damage Prevention.
    • Util-Locate does not only identify some of the most challenging utilities and previously unknown lines under the ground, but it outperforms all other potholing firms.
    • Util-Locate reduces damage caused by potholing and vacuum excavation every year, resulting in considerable savings for the Utility Infrastructure Community.
    • The service provider has become Southern California's "go-to" business for all preliminary/pre-design phase site work inspections, as well as most utility construction projects.
    • With Util-Locate, you can locate, clean, validate, and record utility lines, as well as locate potholes. Pipes and lines buried beneath the ground can be precisely identified by measuring their depth, positions, materials, and sizes.
    • Util-Locate is a service provider well versed in the Utility Underground sector and will go to great lengths to ensure that you are fully informed about your potholing project.
    • Other companies do exactly that, such as JUST-DIG-HOLES. They are ignorant of the site's utility infrastructure or the procedures involved in conducting such an investigation. Your funds and time will be wasted if you go with the wrong company for potholing, trenching, and holes.

    Potholing Utilities vs. Traditional Excavation Methods

    Vacuum excavation has the following main advantages over conventional machining and hand excavation:

    • Visibility of utilities improves job site safety and reduces strikes
    • It is safer and more efficient than digging by hand
    • The risk of injury and exertion is reduced
    • Excavation can be done in areas inaccessible
    • Surface damage can be minimized, restoration can be cleaned up, and excavation can be minimized
    • The excavated spoils are removed from the area, leaving the streets and footpaths clear
    • It is less expensive to repair or restore the surface after completion of a project
    • Reduced disruption of traffic, personnel, and operation on site

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