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    Riverside County is the fourth-largest in California and the tenth-largest in the United States. It covers roughly 7,300 square miles and has a population of 2.4 million people.

    What maintains the county's viability? It requires talent, perseverance, and a high level of commitment from public employees, volunteers, residents, and members of numerous commissions, institutions, and boards. Each of these individuals contributes significantly to our safety, privacy, comfort, and well-being. As a result, if you're carrying out work in Riverside, potholing utilities is a must, and we can assist you on this.

    Leading Riverside Utility Locating Company

    It is possible to collide with subsurface utility pipelines and cables when a contractor or homeowner excavates earth. In addition to being potentially costly, it can also be hazardous if lines are damaged or cut. Gas lines are a potential source of explosions, while electrical power lines can cause fires or fatalities.

    In contrast to fire, water does not pose the same danger, but it can collapse trenches and trap people below the surface in the event of a burst. Before construction begins, a utility locator inspects the site and determines the depth and location of each type of utility. Employees equipped with this information can conduct business safely and securely. A Private Utility Locator and Mapping Service Provider — Util-Locate uses cutting-edge technology to locate and trace utility lines with pinpoint accuracy.

    Utility Locators: Are They Necessary?

    Prior to digging, always consult a competent utility locator. Such services are required before beginning any type of excavation, regardless of the size of the project. Because utility lines are not always where they appear, hiring a utility finder or underground utility locator is critical. By retaining the services of a professional, you will not only be able to locate underground or buried utilities, but also their depth. When working with a company like Util-Locate, you can expect 97% accuracy when locating utility lines as deep as 13 feet. This knowledge enables you to proceed confidently throughout the duration of your project, knowing that no subsurface utilities will be impacted.

    How Utility Locate Technicians Find Underground Utilities

    Utility locate professionals dig safely to a depth of 13+ feet beneath the earth's surface using a range of electromagnetic sensors and GPR. The technology's signals pinpoint the pipes and wires, allowing staff to construct a map or diagram showing the location and depth of each utility.

    While this is extremely rare, the utility locate specialist can always revisit a job site to verify any variances discovered during construction.

    When to Hire Util-Locate?

    If you live in Riverside, utility locating such as Util-Locate can help. Make an appointment with us before to beginning any excavation or design work. Depending on the complexity of the project, it is frequently required to identify the precise locations and depths of utility lines during the early stages of design.

    We are able to accurately position foundations, posts, trees, and other project components because of our unique set of abilities. Utility lines must occasionally be relocated. Also, utility locators can aid project planners in selecting the optimal places for those lines to avoid creating a hazard for employees and machine operators.

    Some Benefits Of Utility Locating Services

    By hiring a reputable utility locating business, you can be guaranteed that you will collect the most precise information possible without interfering with existing landscaping. Utilizing state-of-the-art electromagnetic locators and ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, Util-Locate can instantly locate underground lines. Previously available methods necessitated the drilling of numerous exploratory holes in order to ascertain the depth of buried lines.

    Utility Locating Services

    • Gas Line
    • Water Line
    • Electrical Line
    • Utility Conduit
    • Gas Manifold
    • Communications/Telephone Line
    • Rebar Location
    • Storm Drain

    Other Services Available:

    The Best Utility Locate Services In Riverside

    If you're seeking the best in Riverside, utility locating services from Util-Locate is what you need. Our highly qualified utility locators employ the industry's most advanced technologies.

    To discuss your utility line detection requirements or understand more about our Utility Locating services, contact us anytime.