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    If Los Angeles County were a country, it would rank 19th in terms of economic output. It is home to more than 244,000 businesses, including the country's greatest number of minority- and female-owned businesses.

    It is the key international commercial and manufacturing hub for the country. Los Angeles County's 37 agencies and $32.5 billion budget provides a wealth of commercial opportunities for the private sector, both in regards to products and services contracts. That being said, if you're managing a project in Los Angeles, utility locating is a need we can provide.

    The Leading Los Angeles Utility Locating Company

    When a contractor or homeowner excavates the dirt, they run the risk of colliding with underground utility pipelines and cables. Not only can this be expensive if lines are unintentionally cut or damaged, but it may also be quite dangerous. Gas lines pose an explosion risk, while electrical power lines can cause fires or deaths.

    While water is not as dangerous as fire, an unexpected burst of water might collapse trenches, burying individuals beneath the surface. A utility locator inspects the site prior to the start of construction and precisely detects the location and depth of each type of utility on the property. With this knowledge, employees may conduct business safely and securely. A Provider of Private Utility Locating and Mapping Services — Util-Locate is a utility locator service that uses cutting-edge technology to locate and trace utility lines precisely.

    Utility Locators: Do You Need Them?

    Always consult a reputable utility locator prior to digging. Such services are expected before initiating any form of excavation, regardless of the project's size. Due to the fact that utility lines are not always where they seem, it is important to employ the services of a utility locator or underground utility locator. By engaging an expert, you will not only be able to discover underground or buried utilities but also determine their depth of burial. When partnering with a business like Util-Locate to find utility lines as deep as 13 feet, you can expect 97% accuracy. This knowledge allows you to proceed with confidence that no buried utilities will be affected throughout the course of your project.

    How Do Utility Locate Technicians Find Underground Utilities?

    Utility locate specialists use a variety of electromagnetic sensors and GPR to dig non-invasively to a depth of 13+ feet beneath the earth's surface. The signals generated by the technology identify the pipes and wires, enabling employees to create a map or diagram indicating the location and depth of each utility.

    While it is uncommon, the utility locate specialist can always return to a job site to verify any differences uncovered during construction.

    When to Hire a Utility Locating Company?

    If you live in Los Angeles, utility locating service providers such as Util-Locate can assist you. Contact us before beginning any excavating or design work. Given the scope of the project, it is often necessary to establish the specific positions and depths of utility lines at the early design stages.

    Our particular set of skills enables the proper placement of foundations, post support, structures, trees, and other project components. Occasionally, utilities must be relocated. Utility locating companies can assist project planners in determining the best locations for those lines in order to prevent providing a hazard to employees and machine operators.
    Advantages Of Utility Locating Services

    By obtaining the services of a competent utility locating company, you can be certain that you will acquire the most specific information available without interfering with current landscaping. Util-Locate can quickly locate underground wires using state-of-the-art electromagnetic locators and ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment. Previously available technologies required many exploratory holes to determine the depth of buried lines.

    Utility Locating Services

    • Electrical Line
    • Gas Line
    • Water Line
    • Communications/Telephone Line
    • Storm Drain
    • Utility Conduit
    • Gas Manifold
    • Rebar Location

    Other Services Available:

    The Best Utility Locate Services In Los Angeles

    If you're looking for the best in Los Angeles, utility locating services from Util-Locate is what you need. Our highly qualified utility locators make use of the most cutting-edge technologies available in the industry.

    Contact us directly to discuss your utility line detection needs or learn more about our Utility Locating Service.