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Private Utility & Mapping Services in Southern California

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HomeWhether you want to expand your property, install sprinklers, or plant a tree you will need a competent and diligent underground utility locating service that will ensure that you don’t hit the gas main. We are the #1 Utility locating service of choice for all Industry professionals & residents in Los Angeles, San Diego, Imperial, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Kern, Riverside, Orange, Ventura County and all major Southern California cities.

Our utility locating services are designed to save industry professionals & residents valuable time, money as well as resources. We help all Industry professionals and homeowners in Southern California stay on budget by helping them map out the location of underground utility lines that they have to work over.

We continue to serve Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, School campuses, Environmental Projects, Government or Military facilities, Commercial development projects, Corporate Businesses as well as a variety of other institutions. Util-Locate use its vast knowledge, latest equipment and experience to prove why they continue to be leaders and top choice for DAMAGE PREVENTION.

Private Utility Locators

You will have to deal with a lot more than underground primary networks especially when it comes to excavation.

Utilities that go beyond a customer’s meter are privately owned which is why people contact us to complete the job. We are equipped to keep you safe. Our clients count on us to:

  • Give them competitively priced rates.
  • Provide utilities location assistance for private utilities.
  • Save them thousands in repair costs by letting them know about any potential hazards before they dig.

Locating Services

Customers turn to us for all of their private utility locatings. California is always expanding which means that contractors or engineers are bound to run into some trouble when excavating near private utility lines. Our aim is to provide utility locator assistance that are hassle free and safe in part of our clients.

, Home

Besides offering sub surface utility investigation services to private clients in Southern California we map and mark the utility lines that fall out of the One Call system for a variety of clients.

Our technicians give contractors, home owners, engineers and excavators peace of mind by locating the empty conduits, water lines as well as sewage lines that they will have to work around. This way we save our customers from incurring any costly damage during any project whether is it related to excavation or installing structures in or near private properties.

Serving All of Southern California: Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Kern and Imperial County

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